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Alpha and Omega part 62 "A Frakking Idiot" [10 Jun 2008|05:59am]
Part 62!

Title - "A Frakking Idiot"
Prompt - Spring 062
Word Count - 708
Summary - Kara gets mad at someone
Author's note - Big table fic - here's the link

A Frakking Idiot )
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Alpha and Omega part 61 "For Earth" [10 Jun 2008|05:55am]
Part 61!

Title - "For Earth"
Prompt - Winter 061
Word Count - 315
Summary - Gaeta gets all sentimental
Author's note - Big Table Fic - I recommend reading in order it makes more sense. Go here.

For Earth )
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Fic - "Going Native part 55" [04 Jun 2008|06:00am]
Woo! Its part 55! Yay! We're close to the end! And I promise no one gets their legs cut off!
Going Native is a BSG/STNG crossover!

A Hard Six )
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Going Native Part 54 [19 May 2008|06:14pm]
Woo! Part 54 of Going Native! A rather more cheerful tale than some on BSG :) It's a BSG/STNG crossover, focused on sweet Mr. Gaeta.

Engine Difficulties )

With many thanks to [info]batsojopo
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fic - "The Scepter" - part 60 of Alpha and Omega [18 May 2008|07:58am]
Part 60! Yay! Kara/Felix! See the other parts here and read in order!

Title: "The Scepter"
Prompt: Drink 060
Word count: 672
Summary: What in hell was going on in this temple?

The Scepter )
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BSG Episode Review - "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" [17 May 2008|08:11am]

This was an ok episode. Lots of good, lots of flaws - and I think folks will be surprised at my opinions concerning one particular thing. So onward.

The Good:

I'll say it. I liked Felix's storyline. I have some concerns that will be in the Meh, but I liked that they didn't back away with a miracle cure (Roslin) or with depicting it super awful and then allowing a full recovery (Kara in season one, blowing out her knee and still walking/running etc) I liked that Felix got a moment to be strong and to stay awake for your own leg amputation... And Alessandro played the hell out of it and RDM? Don't waste the talent, ok? I'm hoping we're going for a subtle "Iragi vet with prostetic leg goes back to front lines" thing.

I liked the singing. I like what it represented, and AJ has a great voice.

I loved Roslin bitching out Tory like Tory deserved. Roslin isn't a woman who is a afraid to cut a bitch. Awesome stuff.

While I have some concerns about the overall plot - I like that Roslin once again turns to Kara to fulfill her crazy religious schemes.

It was nice seeing Dee.

I always like some good opera house intrigue. I like that we're not skipping the opera house vision to move forward with Kara's KrazyVisions. And I expecially like that Kara seems wigged out by them.

I am becoming interested in the rebel Cylon plan. I do like that Natalie realized that double crossing is not cool.

I saw it coming but I loved that the Hybrid jumped with Roslin.

Baby Hera is creepy.

The Meh:

After all is said and done, Felix lost his leg for no reason. Had Kara seen reason to begin with, Helo wouldn't have taken command etc etc etc. I am pretty good about character death and mutilation, but all the dead folks on the Demetrius? Gratuitious.

I liked seeing Lee, but frankly? The Quorum plot is dull. I don't care how the civilians feel. I don't care how the Quorum feels and frankly I don't think anyone would realistically kick and fuss all that much because Laura has Bill backing her. The guy with the guns.

Michael Trucco can't act. He's pretty. But his vague looks... He's boring to watch and I don't feel him. Same with the chick playing Tory. I feel bad for the actors who have to work with them. I was never that impressed with Aaron Douglas as an actor but when I am feeling bad for know I think Trucco sucks.

And who gives a shit if Sam feels guilty? Boo hoo the cylon feels bad about gunning a man down and crippling him. I don't see Sam turning himself in.

The Suck:

They're dragging this out, folks. They're dragging it out to make 20 episodes and it shows. Thats really all. I have other thoughts - particularly if the mutiny is just going to be ignored from all sides, why has no one noticed that Tigh got the crap kicked out of him by Six, how I have trouble believing that the CYlons in Cavil's bunch haven't attacked these idiots.... but thats basically it.

Oh, and suddenly there's a fucking Hub? Sharon Agathon is completely on the human side and never once mentioned the fucking important hub? The hub that makes the reserection ships pointless? The hub that we pulled out of our asses?

Ok. That's all.
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BSG Episode Review -" Faith" [10 May 2008|08:15am]
Well, that was exciting! So lets talk about it.

Ron? No killing my sweet boy! And not the face! )
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Fic - "Going Native part 53" [07 May 2008|05:33pm]
Part 53! Of Going Native! BSG/STNG crossover! Yay!

Kara in the Lab )
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Fic - "The Secret Door" -Part 59 of Alpha and Omega [06 May 2008|05:52am]
Woo Part 59! Of ALpha and Omega - Kara/Gaeta or as we're calling it now, Gaebuck :D
Read the prev parts here at my table - go in order!

Title - "The Secret Door"
Prompt - Food 059
Word count - 712
Summary - Felix shows Kara something interesting in the temple

The Secret Door )
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BSG Episode Review - "The Road Less Traveled" [03 May 2008|07:10am]
Well, this certainly was better :)

Did Dee just get fired? Is that it? )
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Fic - "Going Native part 52" [02 May 2008|03:06pm]
Woo! Part 52 of Going Native, the BSG/STNG crossover! Things are heating up!

Admiral Adama's Eyes )
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Fic - "Lord Iblis" -Part 58 of Alpha and Omega [01 May 2008|05:53am]
Yup - part 58 of Alpha and Omega, my big table fic! Its weirdly Kara/Gaeta. Start at the beginning of the table if you're a first time reader - it's somewhat AU now.

Title - "Lord Iblis"
Prompt - Supper - 058
Word count - 625
Summary - The priests of the temple were up to ... something

Lord Iblis )
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BSG Episode Review -" Escape Velocity" [26 Apr 2008|08:37am]
Wow. Where to start?

I just didn't like it. But let me be more thorough.

Wha? Rose? ROSE! )
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Fic - "Get Focused or Get Dead" -Part 57 of Alpha and Omega [26 Apr 2008|08:22am]
Yup Part 57 of Alpha and Omega. CHeck out my table if you want the previous bits.

Title: "Get Focused or Get Dead"
Prompt: Lunch
Word count: 768
Summary: Felix worries about the ramifications of his actions.
Author's note - The main table is here

Get Focused or Get Dead )
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Fic - "Going Native part 51" [23 Apr 2008|04:51pm]
Woo! Part 51! BSG/STar trek Next Gen crossover. It's slowly coming to an end.... I can see the light!

Chocolate Milk )
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Question [22 Apr 2008|10:52am]
Anyone interested in a Rifts/BSG crossover?

Rifts is an RPG game I really like. Basically the premise is that a minor nuke war caused so many deaths that there was a major erruption of psychic energy causing the Earth to have well... rifts of energy. People can do magic, sometimes, and there's high tech and low tech and monsters...

My thinking is that the fleet is diddybopping along and hits the rift zone surrounding the Earth system and....

Everyone wakes up planetside. Alone. Maybe at best in groups of twos and threes. And there's cyborgs, elves, dragons...

Too weird?
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Fic - "Going Native part 50" [16 Apr 2008|04:53pm]
Yay! Part fifty of Going Native - BSG/STNG Crossover! Epic! Go read now!

Lwaxana and the Prisoner )
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BSG Episode Review - "Six of One" [12 Apr 2008|09:59am]
Well... lets sit down and talk. This probably won't be pretty.
Let's just have Katee Sackhoff scream for the whole episode )
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Fic - "Going Native part 49" [08 Apr 2008|04:48pm]
Wooo! Its part 49! BSG/STNG crossover mostly Gaeta focused!

The Cylon Rebellion )
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Fic - "I'm Fine" -Part 56 of Alpha and Omega [07 Apr 2008|05:57am]
Woo! Part 56!

Title - "I'm Fine"
Prompt - Breakfast
Word Count - 867
Author's note - part of a series based on a big table - the parts are in order and you can start here

I'm Fine )
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