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Fic - "Going Native part 65" [14 Nov 2008|04:46pm]
And.... we're done! Yes. Going Native is done. I would like to thank all the readers and reviewers and of course I must shout out to my awesome betareaders [info]jarodrussell, [info]batsojopo, and the awesome James Axelrod (introduced to me by the awesome [info]batsojopo) and Tryglaw from These guys are awesome and trust me, they made the story a lot better than I would have accomplished by myself. Thanks guys!

There may be a lost scene or two in the future, but this sucker is DONE.

(yes, usual disclaimer, this is a BSG/STNG crossover)

Journey's End )

And we're done! :D
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Alpha and Omega part 71- "An Officer of the Fleet" [31 Oct 2008|04:34pm]
Woo! Part 71! Of Alpha and Omega my big table fic! Only... 29 parts to go!

Someone give me candycorn for strength.

Title: An Officer of the Fleet
Prompt: 071 - Broken
Word count: 749
Sumary: Kara kinda freaks out
Author's note: Obviously this is part of a bigger story. Read in order of the prompts, or else it really won't make sense. Here's a link to the table.

An Officer of the Fleet )
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Fic - "Going Native part 64" [27 Oct 2008|05:23pm]
Part 64 - yes yes almost done! Swear to god! This is where nice things start happening for people. BSG/STNG crossover, mostly Gaeta centric - really it's kinda long but there are tags.

Squaredancing )
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Fic - "The Golden Ship" part 4 [15 Oct 2008|05:52am]
Here's part four of my Jeremiah/BSG crossover. I think I have tagged previous parts as "Jeremiahfic". When last we left? Gaeta was getting a beat down because he looks like a religious prophet who may have killed a lot of people while spouting a lot of nonsense that was eerily similar to the first exodus from Kobol. Kara meanwhile was having a momentary lapse of conscious and felt bad about leaving him behind so was spying on the Thunder Mountan set up, cheerfully ignoring her mission to scout Earth.

The Golden Ship part 4 )
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Alpha and Omega part 70 - "A Little Strip Dance" [11 Oct 2008|01:09pm]
Part 70! The ugly ramifications of the last few events begin to occur.

Title - "A Little Strip Dance"
Prompt - Storm -070
Word count - 1314
Summary - Bill and Laura begin to see that the trip to Caprica has brought new problems and issues.
Author's note- This is better if you read it in order. Here's a link to the table.

A Little Strip Dance )

This is getting pretty AU. All comments welcome.
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Fic - "Going Native part 63" [05 Oct 2008|08:58am]
There's maybe one or two more chapters after this.... Most likely one... things are wrapping up.

Pandora's Box )
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Alpha and Omega part 69 - "Wake Up" [03 Oct 2008|06:21pm]
Woo!Part 69! Of Alpha and Omega my big damn table fic! Kara and her menfolk are finally returning to the Galactica! Dun dun DUN!

Title: "Wake Up"
Prompt - 069 -Thunder
Word count: 1139
Author's note - this is part of a series. I recommend reading the stories in prompt order on the table. The table is here.

Wake Up )
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Alpha and Omega part 68 - "The Devil in the Details" [17 Sep 2008|05:46pm]
Woo, Part 68! Kara/Gaeta extravaganza big table fic, guest starring Sam!

Title - "The Devil in the Details"
Prompt - lightening - 068
Word Count - 1341
Summary - Sam takes a moment to make sure things are ok.
Author's note - the story is better if you read it in order on the table. the table is here

The Devil in the Details )
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Fic - "Going Native part 62" [15 Sep 2008|07:22am]
Woo! Finally we start wrapping up. The epilogue chapter follows. BSG/STNG LENGTHY CROSSOVER!

Painted Nails )
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Alpha and Omega part 67 - "Thank You" [14 Sep 2008|07:47am]
Part 67 of Alpha and Omega, my big damn table fic!

Title - "Thank You"
Prompt - Snow - 067
Word count - 1313
Summary - The kids take shelter in the storm, and its subtle... but certain things start getting acknowledged.

Author's note - This series is better if you read it in order. Go here for the entire table.

Thank You )
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Alpha and Omega part 66 - "Another Frakking Problem" [09 Sep 2008|08:20am]
Part 66! whoo! We're over the hump! 34 parts to go! :D Yay Big Damn Table fic!

Title - Another Frakking Problem
Prompt - Rain - 066
Word count - 1475
Summary - The rescue is on, and Kara begins to realize something
Author's note - This is a series on a table, I recommend reading in order and here's the tablelink

Another Frakking Problem )
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Alpha and Omega part 65 - "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" [04 Sep 2008|04:28pm]
Yay! Part 65 of Alpha and Omega, my big damn table fic!

Title - "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"
Prompt - 065 - Passing
Word Count - 901
Summary - Cavil and Gaeta talk about the upcoming unpleasantness
Author's note - I have a table for this series, I recommend you read in order. The table is here.

He woke up with a start. He didn’t know where he was at first. Then the smell hit him. Rotting meat, and mold, and he was somehow standing upright despite how shaky his legs felt. Chains, he realized as the slight shift in his weight made him swing until he set his feet down more firmly. He was hanging from chains from his shoulders, his feet just barely able to touch the ground. The meat locker in the temple, he realized. He looked up at the meat hooks that hung from the wall and tried to suppress a shudder.

“You’re awake.” Gaeta jerked at the sound, bracing his feet to stop the swinging, already conscious of the painful strain it caused. Cavil knew his business, he thought. Gaeta could feel the chains under his armpits, holding him up, while his wrists and hands had been raised up and firmly secured behind his head. With his feet just able to touch the floor, he was in a fiendishly exposed position. Depending on what Cavil wanted to do, he had no way to defend himself.

Which was clearly Cavil’s point. The Cylon stepped around him, obviously amused. ”I considered the meat hooks,” he said casually,” but while it has a certain brutal charm, I realized that it would end our time together much sooner than I wished. And… I’m not anxious to do that, Lt. Gaeta. At least, not until we’ve talked. That is, not until you’ve told me what you know.”

“You can try,” Gaeta said. It would work eventually, but Kara knew the situation. She would take the scepter and run, and tell the fleet to jump. They had been on the mission for three days. The fleet would wait for ten. It would take her just a few hours to return to the fleet, but his goal was to hold out for the seven days. It was possible. Passing out from the pain could happen. So could a premature death, although he had a feeling that Cavil knew how those games were played.

“Try?” Cavil grinned. “Lt. Gaeta, let’s not mince words. I’ve read your military file. I’ve seen you in action. You know that everyone breaks eventually. This is really a matter of science now. The question is just how much pressure I’ll need to apply.” He waved and a centurion stepped into the room, ducking it’s head as it entered, and set a metal box down on the monks wooden prep table. Cavil gestured again and the centurion departed. He began setting out various implements. It was part of the mind game, Gaeta knew that. So was the talking. It was meant to unnerve him. He had to admit, it was working.

“I need to know certain things,” Cavil said easily. He looked in the box and then at Gaeta, as if contemplating something. “I was unkind before, Lt. Gaeta. I had made assumptions about you that betrayed my prejudices. I assumed that you were like most of your kind, slavering with rage to kill Cylons, but I think you’re a much more dangerous thing.”

“Oh?” The longer Cavil talked, the less things would hurt and the more time Kara had to escape. Cavil didn’t strike him as one to fall for the talking trick for long so he wanted it to last as long as possible. “What am I?”

“You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Cavil said easily. “The average human being? A moron. Look at your new friend Sam. His every thought is plain on his face and anticipating his plans? It’s like guessing whether a baby wants it’s bottle or not. Your little pilot friend Kara Thrace isn’t much better, but you…. You’re a problem. We considered letting humanity survive, you know, but it’s your type that makes that impossible.”

“Really?” It needed a reaction if just to keep the Cylon talking, but Gaeta had to admit, he was curious.

“The idiots that were brave, we could kill. The cowards would fall in line easily… but you strike me at the sort to follow orders faultlessly until you rise up and destroy us. You‘ll nod and agree and all the time you‘ll be plotting. Biding your time. We get it from somewhere, after all.” Cavil’s smiled grew more malevolent. “You’d feel bad afterward…I don’t accuse you of lacking a conscience, but that wouldn’t hamper you in the slightest from doing what was necessary. That makes you a threat, the biggest threat I’ve ever met. But now is where we come to my conscience impinging on my love of revenge. You know you’re going to die?”

“It seems obvious,” Gaeta said slowly. The crawling sensation seemed to overwhelm him for a moment but he blinked it away.

“Tell me what I want, and you can die easily.” Cavil said pleasantly. “I’ll get the information eventually. I don’t have a *need* to torture you. It’s a chore… an amusing but ultimately dull chore. I think you have some understanding of the concept of a necessary but unpleasant chore. We can do this the easy way.”

Gaeta found himself shaking his head. “The answer is no.”

“Pity.” Cavil picked up a cat o’nine tails and set it down. After a moment of thought he picked up an electronic cattle prod. “I think we’ll start with something a little more high tech. I am a Cylon after all. And there‘s plenty of time for the whip.”
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Alpha and Omega part 64 - "The Right Choice" [26 Aug 2008|04:44pm]
Woo part 64 :) Of Alpha and Omega, my big damn tablefic of the unlikly coupling of Kara the Bold,and Felix the Gay!

Title - "The Right Choice"
Prompt - Fall - 064
Word count - 1091
Summary - Sam has to make a decision once Kara returns with the scepter.

Author's note - I recommend reading in order and here's a link to the table.

The Right Choice )
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Fic - "Going Native part 61" [10 Aug 2008|08:37am]
Ah... the finale! Not the end - the author plans a few epilogue chapters and some "lost scenes".

Enjoy :)

The Notebook )
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Alpha and Omega part 63 - "A Nice Summer Walk" [22 Jul 2008|06:03pm]
Part 63 of my Big Damn Table fic! Kara/Felix

Title - "A Nice Summer Walk"
Prompt - 063 - Winter
Word Count - 594
Summary - Felix finds out how difficult life will soon be
Author's note - This is part of my table fic posted here. I recommend reading in order

A Nice Summer Walk )
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Fic - "Going Native part 60" [20 Jul 2008|08:45am]
WOOO! Part Sixty! We're getting close! BSG/STNG crossover! Will Kara finally get on the clue bus? Let's find out!

The Usurper )
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Fic - "Going Native part 59" [09 Jul 2008|03:58pm]
WOOO! Part 59! I think you'll like this. I hope you'll like this. STNG/BSG crossover, starring pretty Mr. Gaeta and so many others....

Athena's Child )
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Fic - "Going Native part 58" [02 Jul 2008|04:18pm]
Here's part 58! We're getting there! I promise I won't make you wait until 2009! BSG/STNG Crossover! WOO!

The Dance Begins )
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Fic - "Going Native part 57" [24 Jun 2008|07:58am]
Woo! Part 57! Going Native! Gaeta the lost Starfleet officer! BSG/STNG crossover, fairly Gen, focused on sweet Mr. Gaeta. Enjoy!

Fixing the Galactica )
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Fic - "Going Native part 56" [16 Jun 2008|06:03pm]
Here' s part 56 :) It's a BSG/STNG crossover and I swear there's no Planet of the Apes reveal. But things are gathering and coming into focus.....

In The Ship )
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